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Coldwell Banker Residential RE, LLC

We call Tampa our home and we specialize in residential sales. We are Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource Specialists. It is our job and privilege to help homeowners understand ALL the information they need to make the best possible decisions for themselves and their families.

Whether you wish to purchase a new construction or pre-owned home, call Team Lugo/ Irizarry at (813)416-6372 or (813) 767-9861.

We enjoy meeting new people and accepting the challenge in making their real estate dreams come true.

If you're ready to buy or sell, or if you're just looking for some real estate information, contact us anytime!

Coldwell Banker Residential RE, LLC 813-767-9861
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    7-4-15 9:30 am - Temple Terrace Hard Courts
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    Join us this Saturday to complete a recreational inline-skating marathon at Flatwoods Wilderness Park. This event is for skaters of all levels that want to practice roller-skating on a "pace line", commonly known as "drafting". The marathon is a...

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    SWAMP Mountain Bike Club

    RSVP so we can bring enough food for everyone. Help us clear the trails on this trail workday! Bring gloves, water, sunscreen and your favorite trimming  tools. Park on the north-west side of the road where the facilities and boat launch area...

    Sat. AM tennis
    7-4-15 9:30 am - Temple Terrace Hard Courts
    Temple Terrace Tennis Friends

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